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All schools, academies, pupil referral units and colleges can refer young people for a part-time placement. All placements are underpinned by a Service Level Agreement outlining the responsibilities of all partners prior to delivery of the programme.


Our "Step Up" intervention placements are designed to be pre-exclusion interventions, supporting the Lincolnshire Ladder of Intervention.


All new referrals are invited for an initial visit with their parent/carer and a representative from their main education base. If this is successful, a bespoke placement can be agreed. Regular reviews take place between all parties to support the reintegration back into the school environment.



Boston United working with students at First Steps

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Student referrals

If you would like to start working with us, or find out more information, please contact us on 01205 290799. We would be happy to discuss how we can support your learners and would welcome you to take a tour of the facilities at the centre.


If you already work with us and would like to refer another young person, please return the Referral Form to us to start the process.




First Steps has a long history of partnership working with local schools, community groups, external agencies and charities. By working together we can offer our students greater opportunities to make positive changes to their lives.


We always welcome agencies who can enhance the programme that we are able to offer so please feel free to contact us if you would like to work with us.





"You have helped me build my confidence"


Student 2017

"First Steps is a great place to be to turn your life around, it has really helped me"


Student 2017

"I like everything about my training because it's teaching me to make new friends and to keep myself calm in bad situations"


Student 2017