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Every placement follows a personalised plan, tailored to the individual needs of the pupil. Programme length, timetable arrangements and courses are flexible and bespoke targeted support is available for young people who require specific intervention.


We can support schools and academies to:


- Re-engage young people who are at risk of exclusion

- Reduce fixed term exclusions

- Support students to improve low attendance

- Raise aspirations and achievement

- Facilitate successful school reintegration

- Improve behaviour and attitudes

- Increase confidence and self-esteem

- Empower young people to overcome their barriers

- Promote smooth transition to further education or training

Our offer

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Pupils can be supported by a range of interventions at First Steps including:


- Practical learning in a vocational environment

- Accredited vocational subject tasters

- Non-accredited learning aimed at increasing motivation, building social skills, self confidence, resilience and improving behaviour

- Enrichment activities

- Targeted support from outside agencies who we actively work with to enhance our provision