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Where it all started

First Steps was formed in 2000 as part of a new initative to help re-engage excluded young people into education by using vocational training skills. Gary Futter started out with just 4 students, renting an allotment in Horncastle, tutoring basic skills in Horticulture.


He was later joined by a fantastic team and established First Steps Vocational Training Centre, which was then based in North Kyme. Key Skills along side the vocational subjects of Horticulture, Carpentry, Brickwork and Sports were offered at the time.


There was a growing need to expand in subjects and the Centre was quickly outgrowing the premises. First Steps relocated to the present site at Hubberts Bridge, near Boston in 2003. The team have worked extremely hard to renovate the buildings into purpose built training facilities and make First Steps what it is today.

At First Steps, our ethos is to aim for excellence. We strive to provide an outstanding and engaging alternative learning programme for our students, to help them on their way into the world of work.


We have had successful contracts for alternative provision with the local authority for the past 14 years. During this time we have also built strong partnerships with many local schools and agencies.


First Steps has been awarded the QCA's Silver and Gold Quality Assurance Mark for Quality in Local Collaborative Provision.


Constantly making improvements to our centre, curriculum and quality processes, First Steps is proud to support young people and staff to develop their personal potential and we have the highest expectations for them all.


We are committed to the Positive About Disabled People scheme and we are an equal opportunities employer.

Our achievements



"It is more like a college than a school and it's very hands on"


Student 2016



"I really appreciate the support I get from staff in lessons"


Student 2017

"The staff are there 100% for the child"


Parent 2017



"First Steps has provided the specific education my son needed, tailoring his courses as an individual. The centre has also been incredibly supportive during a difficult time, communicating openly with the family and my son too. I am impressed and grateful for the incitefulness"


Parent 2015